Membership Benefits



Join The Citizen Premium for 12-months and get two complimentary Nu Metro 2D movie tickets.

Digiticket redemption:

Can only be redeemed in cinema at box office or catering counter, not online

  • Not valid for regular 3D, VIP, Xtreme or 4DX movies
  • Not valid at Nu Metro Bedford, Hyde Park, Parkview or Woodlands outlets
  • Not valid for movies in their first week of release
  • Expiry date will be sent with your codes


911 Response24 turns your phone into a mobile panic button.

911 Response24 is available to The Citizen Premium Members on 3- and 12-month bundle packages for a unit of four (4) users

Live track-and-trace technology gives users a sense of accountability and peace of mind that help is on the way.

911 Response24 is a downloadable app that turns your phone into a mobile panic button. Users are able to request armed response assistance, as well as ambulance services. But the possibilities are endless, as crime continues to change and adapt.

The app has nabbed Marlize Holtzhausen (founder and CEO) the prestigious Global Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Google Fest.

The main objective of the application is to stop crime before it escalates. Being able to silently call for help assists in reducing the rate of rape and murder, and assists in dealing with trauma in the long-term, she explains. In addition, the app is easy to use, which means children can also assist.

911 Response24 ensures that you get help real fast and that everyone that is supposed to respond is held accountable through the live updates [and] live track-and-trace capability of everyone involved in the app.

HEALTHSPAS.CO.ZA - Spa vouchers is your ultimate guide to more than 300 spas in South Africa and beyond. Gift vouchers can be used at any listed spa.

As a Premium member, you will receive a R100 coupon to use when you buy a voucher to the value of R250 or more. Coupons are for spa voucher purchases on and can be entered on the shopping cart page. Each coupon is valid for a specific period (one coupon per month while you remain a Premium member) and is single use. Coupons are not transferrable.

AFRISTAY - Accommodation vouchers

Afristay is one of South Africa’s largest accommodation portals.

12-month membership benefit:

All 12-month Premium members will receive a R400 Afristay voucher each quarter for the duration of their membership. These vouchers can be redeemed on the Afristay website.

3-month membership benefit:

All 3-month Premium members will receive one R400 voucher for the duration of your membership that can be redeemed on the Afristay website.